Monday, May 7, 2007

Quiet Time

How do you decide what to read in your bible for “quiet time”?

DW.  Usually something in particular is boiling to the top of my brain so I go searching. Sometimes, I just open the
Bible up randomly. It just depends on what is happening at the time.

ES:  I really need a guide.  The one the women are doing in the evening and morning studies would be a great one to
recommend to anyone. ("Still Hearts" by Jan Lichterman.) I also enjoy one entitled, "Amazing Grace," a daily
devotional and look at the stories behind the writing of the hymns. Another idea is to go on a word study, or pursue
a certain topic of interest

Encourage your Husband

What is your favorite way to encourage your husband?

DW  Pay him sincere complements, that I can justify with an example, in front of others. Also, a great dinner never

ES Listening to him.  Being enthusiastic about what he's enthusiastic about!

Preparing for the summer

How do you prepare for the summer with kids being home, hotter weather, and family vacations?

DW:  I did a Weekly Reader curriculum with the girls most summers.  We would have school about 2 hours a day
in the morning. We had "adventures" either going somewhere or building/crafting something on a regular basis.
Before long road trips I hid their favorite toys 2 weeks before the trip. When they miraculously appeared in their
car bin, they were so happy and entertained.

ES.)  I found the most important thing for me to do in preparing for the kiddos being home was to just be ready,
mentally and prayerfully, for them to need to adjust to being home together all the time again! It was often a bit
stressful the first week or so, as we ALL got used to a different schedule, and spending more time together. A
good thing, but different, so it was best if I wasn't too surprised by the adjustment period! Also, it was important
(and fun!) to have some fun plans, some service plans, and some individual growth plans, so there was some
schedule to our weeks and days! (We all liked the schedule thing!) It wasn't as intense or busy as the school
year, but still, things went better with some structure to things. A great book I found in the 80's was "Sanity in the
Summertime," by Linda Dillow.

Potty Training

  1. What are your potty training tips?

DW: Be patient and don’t push. I was certain Lauren would go to kindergarten in diapers since she screamed every time I plopped her on the chair. But one day she just announced she was going to use the big girl potty from now on. It was New Years Day, so I though she had made some sort of resolution! Amazingly, it worked. Also, don’t let those mom’s who have ridiculous stories like, “My little Johnny was totally potty trained at 9 months” let you think you are failing some how. In reality “little Johnny” has her trained to run his little bottom to the bathroom at certain times. You are not in competition with the play group, just in training for yourselves. And hang in there… even if they do go to kindergarten in diapers, they will for only one day! : )


4. What is your favorite flower in your garden and why?
RS: I always have to have Evelyn come and remind what all the flowers in my garden are since I am botanically illiterate.

DW: Impatience, since they take the summer heat so well. Although, you need to water them thoroughly in the summer to keep them alive. Many of mine make it into the second year, so I don’t really count them as annuals.

AS: I like vincas, the annual type. They bloom all summer, tolerate the full sun, and even survive the mild winters.

Clothes Storage

3. When do you decide it's time to pack up the winter clothes and how do you store them?
RS: I store them in a plastic tub in the top of the closet.

DW: I never bother doing that since it is always warm here. I just move them to one side of the closet.

AS: I don’t really pack them up. I’m always hopeful of a cold day in August, or at least going to some really well air-conditioned event.

Dates with the Husband

2. What is your favorite date place to go with your husband in Katy?

RS: We usually just rent Blockbuster movies and watch when the kids are in bed.

DW: It is actually in Bear Creek, off of HYW 6 and just north of Clay Rd. It is a little Bistro called J’s. It is new, always un-crowded and has great food for cheaper than Bistro 829. Check it out!

AS: I really like the new La Centerra off of Cinco Ranch Blvd. Neat stores and it’s a pretty place. Our other favorite place to go out to eat is Guyaba off of Westgreen and Park Row. But my favorite “date” is just sitting out on our deck after the kids have gone to bed and talking.